We are truly grateful to celebrate your Marriage in our Church! To be married at Our Lady of Lourdes, Diocesan Policy must be followed.   
  If you are a Catholic and were previously married in a Catholic Church, you must have your annulment complete before meeting with the priest.  For annulments, please contact Sr. Pat O’Malley at 386.574.2131.   If you are not a Catholic and were married to another non Catholic it is necessary to also have your annulment complete.  Please contact Sr. Pat O’Malley at 386.574.2131.   If you are  Catholic and were previously married outside of the Catholic Church, Fr. Phil will complete your necessary annulment paperwork.  Call to make an appointment. We prefer to celebrate Marriage, as all Sacraments, in the context of the Weekend Liturgy.  Other arrangements are possible. For more information, please contact Kay Thompson 255.0433 at least six months before your desired wedding date.