Gather With Us!

Weekend public Mass will begin on the weekend of May 30th/31st following our regular Mass schedule.  This is for those who are under 65 or those with no secondary health conditions.  The church has been marked off to accomodate 50 people or couples.  Social distancing must be practiced and there will be no cafe or gatherings before or after Mass.  All recurring activites besides Mass inside the church buildings are still canceled in cooperation with efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID 19)
All Masses are equipped with a “hearing assist” device.   Please stop by the Sacristy for assistance.
Saturday | 4 PM 
Sunday | 8:30 and 10:30AM 
Daily Mass Schedule
Monday – Wednesday and Friday | 11AM
Thursday | 9:30AM
Parish Office Hours
Sunday 8-11:30AM  
Monday 9AM-3PM
Tuesday through Thursday 9AM-1PM
Closed Friday and Saturday