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Frequently asked questions
Why do we give?
We believe in a generous God who has gifted us in many ways. As a response to that generous love, we are generous in supporting our church and those in need. 

What does my gift do? 

Your gift keeps our parish going with amazing liturgy, both live and online, as well as supporting the many ministries of our community including some local organizations, such as: 

• Community Breakfast

What is WeShare?

WeShare is easy! Save time through electronic funds transfer. WeShare is an automated means to financially support the parish through regular contributions from your checking, savings, or credit/debit card account. The first automatic deduction from your bank account will occur in about four to five weeks. WeShare will send confirmation of your enrollment in this monthly plan and note the date of the first deduction. From then on, everything is automatic! A record of the deduction will appear on your monthly bank statement. You can stop or change your monthly deduction at any time.

There is no cost for you to participate in the program.

This program allows you to:

• Budget your prayerful monthly gift
• Support your parish even when you cannot attend Mass at your parish
• Monitor your gifts
You may participate in this program by logging onto the website directly at or by contacting Lisa Cacchione in our parish office at 386.255.0433.