“70-ish” Connection
Join us at one of our upcoming events!
 The 70-ish Connection at Our Lady of Lourdes is a lot more than just people of the same age getting together. It is a group of vibrant adults who are passionate about connecting to others to share their passion for the Gospel message in all aspects of living. Our mission is not only to reach out to other 70-ish in our community to make Christ truly present to each other and to the bring the love of our parish to the world around us—but also to focus on continued growth in our faith life and the love of our neighbor by participating more fully and actively in our parish life community. From social events to book clubs to outings, we invite you to join us as we continue to learn and love as Jesus taught us. 

For more information on our 70-ish Outreach, please contact Mary Lewis @ lourdes70s@outlook.com  or 386.677.2063